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How would you like to enjoy premium-quality wines from great estates around the world, with delivery to your door and the promise that you'll always get much more than you pay for? That's what you'll enjoy every time, as a part of the Mystery Case Club from Laithwaites.

Get started today with this very special introductory offer: 12 superb wines—worth at least $140—for just $69.99 with free shipping (plus applicable tax). That's only $5.84 a bottle—and you can choose a mixed, all-reds, or all-whites case. As an added bonus, we'll send you a free set of four steak knives when you order by April 30.

  • Mystery Case Club Introductory Mix (view details) [12] - $69.99
  • Mystery Case Club Introductory Reds (view details) [12] - $69.99
  • Mystery Case Club Introductory Whites (view details) [12] - $69.99

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Your Free Gift
Your Free Gift

These fine, stainless-steel steak knives are based on a classic French design, and feature an elegant, curved wood handle (worth $39.99).

The Mystery

At Laithwaites, we’re sometimes left with top-quality wines in quantities too small to advertise individually. These are packed at random into Mystery Cases—you can’t be sure what gems you’ll receive, but can be sure of great wines and HUGE savings...

The Certainty
  • 12 premium wines delivered to your door every 2 months for a renewal price of JUST $79.99 (plus shipping and applicable tax).
  • At LEAST 40% savings on future cases.
  • No obligation to continue and no membership fees.
  • Complete control—choose mixed, reds or whites, skip a case or delay delivery.
Money-Back Guarantee

We only want you to pay for wines you enjoy. If any bottle fails to delight, you’ll be refunded. There’s no mystery there.